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Turning Your Hobby Into an Internet Business – What are Your Options?

by bozorozz on June 10, 2010

Internet Business

If you’re new to internet marketing, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed by all the opportunities. Indeed, there is so much information available about online business opportunities that many people don’t know where to start! What you need to do is start with something in which you have an interest. There is a market for just about anything, and people are willing to pay good money for information. Consider your personal interests and do research on the niche.

For instance, if you have a hobby, you can share your knowledge with others and earn money in the process!

Here are your options

Create a content rich website or blog and earn advertising revenue.

You can create a site filled with unique content, including articles, guides, and tips. The content must be original, which means you have to either write it yourself or hire a ghost writer. If you are familiar with the topic, then you shouldn’t find it too difficult to write articles and tips. Sign up for a program such as Google AdSense and place links on your site. You will earn revenue every time somebody clicks on a link.

This could be either easy or difficult, depending on your competition. If there are hundreds of other websites or blogs out there similar to yours, then you’ll have to work really hard to obtain traffic. When it comes to traffic, quality is usually better than quantity. It’s better to have 100 visitors who are truly interested in what you have to say than 1,000 visitors who could care less.

This means you need to aim to receive targeted traffic. Learn about demographics and promote your website or blog accordingly. Your ultimate goal is to establish yourself as an authority on the niche and obtain as many targeted visitors to your site as possible.

Create an informational product and sell it.

Take your knowledge and turn it into an e-book, DVD, CD, or software. These don’t cost a lot of money to produce, and many publishing companies give discounts on bulk orders. You could also make the products available via downloads, which will save on production costs. The bad news is that you’ll probably have to spend some money on advertising. The good news is that there are cheap advertising methods on the internet.

One method involves affiliate marketing. You can pay affiliates to promote and sell the product for you. There are thousands of affiliates on the internet who are willing to promote informational products. In return, they receive commissions. Networks such as Clickbank and Commission Junction will set everything up between you and affiliates. All the sales will be tracked automatically. Even though you won’t receive 100% of the profits, you can still potentially earn a lot of money.

Become an affiliate yourself.

You can do this along with setting up Google AdSense links on your website. If you don’t want to create an informational product, you can sell others and earn money yourself. Sign up at network such as Clickbank or Commission Junction and select a few products to promote. You can place a banner on your website, and whenever someone clicks on the banner at your site and buys the product, you will receive a share of the profit.

Of course, you’ll have to select the right products to promote. If you create a site or blog about your hobby, then you can promote products or services based around the hobby. Now, you don’t want to spam banners and links all over your site. Once again, it’s important to have unique articles and tips on your web pages. This way, people will view you as an expert on the subject. If you can gain their trust, they’ll be more likely to purchase the products you promote.


These are just a few examples of online money making opportunities. The easiest way to start is to turn your own hobbies and personal interests into an internet business. Whether you want to create your own informational products or promote others, there is no limit to what you can earn. However, you must be willing to put in time and hard work if you want to succeed. The most important thing is to create your own site or blog with informative, unique content. Once you have established yourself as an expert, you can start earning money!

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