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When To Use Affiliate Network CPA Offers

by bozorozz on December 1, 2009

Promoting affiliate network CPA offers can very profitable if you know when to use them.

With so many ways to make money on the Internet it can be a challenge to decide which method to use.

Ten years ago it was very simple, put a 468×60 banner on your site and get paid pennies every time someone clicked on it.

Now we have AdSense, Yahoo Publisher, CPM banners, affiliate marketing, text links, selling ad space and you can probably think of many more.

One question many marketers ask themselves is – Should I use AdSense or CPA Offers on my site, or maybe a mixture of both?

To help answer this question, it is important that you do some split testing, otherwise you will never truly know which is going to be more profitable.

Now affiliate network CPA offers pay much more than AdSense clicks, but the trade off is that it is much easier to get AdSense clicks.

Imagine you had a credit check website.

AdSense generally pays well and the CPA offers usually require just an email and/or a ZIP code and pay around $2 per offer.

The site is very informative and gets a steady stream of traffic from the search engines, for arguments sake, let’s call it 1,000 unique visitors per month, of which 700 are from the US.

This is important because most CPA networks only pay for US customers.

If you have optimized your website correctly for AdSense with proper placements, you can expect around a 10% clickthru rate, if we assume an average Cost Per Click (CPC) of $0.50, which is very likely in the credit check niche then we have 1000 x 0.1 x 0.5 = 50, or in other words, we can expect about $50 per month from this site for AdSense.

Now let us assume that we replace AdSense with the CPA offer that pays $2 for every visitor that fills out the form with their ZIP code and email address.

Again, you have correctly optimized the site (which is different to AdSense) and you achieve a 5% conversion.

Now remember, you are only paid for US visitors so that’s 300 visitors we have to immediately discount so the sum becomes 700 x 0.05 x 2 = 70, or to put it simply, you will earn $70 per month from CPA offers.

Although we are using fictional information here, you should be able to see how you can go about deciding when to use affiliate network CPA offers and when to use something like AdSense.

In the example above, even though the amount of visitors we could earn money from was less, the CPA offer worked out to be more profitable.

One thing you can do straight away when deciding whether to us a CPA offer is to look at the analytics of your site and find out which country most of your visitors come from.

If US visitors make up the vast majority of your traffic, then definitely consider using affiliate network CPA offers, however, the only way to know for certain is by split testing over at least 1,000 unique visitors and seeing which one is more profitable.

Something you might want to research is a script that detects which country a visitor is from and serve up affiliate network CPA offers for US visitors and Adsense for everyone else, this way you are monetizing all your traffic.

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