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Affiliate Link Management For Your WordPress Blog Posts

by bozorozz on November 3, 2009

Affiliate Link Management Tool

Posting affiliate links is a great way to monetize your wordpress blog post.

If you have been wanting to ensure you make the most money possible from your internet marketing efforts, then this message will be of importance to you.

Make more money now by cloaking your affiliate links.

If you’re an affiliate, you need to take control of your links now.

You could be losing a huge amount of money if you are not protecting your affiliate links.

There are only two type of affiliate marketers – the Ninja Affiliates, and everyone else.

It’s no secret that 95% of all wordpress bloggers out there make pennies from affiliate marketing, while a select few who are privileged enough to be in the “inner circle” make thousands of dollars effortlessly.

They know how to properly manage, track, cloak and shorten their affiliate link so that they can achieve most out of their affiliate marketing.

By having stats in hand and with the ability to manage all of their links from one central location, they get unfair advantage over every other wordpress bloggers out there.

That’s the kind of power the “MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate” brings to you.

Here is what you can do using MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate .

Brand your blog domain while creating professional looking short links:-

– Now you can easily create professional and short link like:

Whatever you like, the choice is yours.

It’s completely flexible and you can redirect them to any affiliate link you want.

– Manage all your affiliate links in one central place.

You can group and manage all your affiliate links in one central place.

That means you’ll have a clear overview of which affiliate program is doing good and which is not.

Also, if one affiliate program shuts down their door then you can easily change the link with another affiliate program anytime you like.

– Track how many people are visiting your link and from where.

From the MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate back office you can see exactly how many people have visited your link and also from where they’re coming.

No guess work for figuring out which of your marketing effort is actually bringing you the result.

– Cloak your affiliate link so nobody steals your commission.

When you use affiliate link directly then there’s always a possiblity that other can replace your affiliate information with their own and earn commissions themselves instead of you.

By using this wordpress plugin, you can stop the commission thieves right on and let no one steal your hard-earned commisions ever again.

And, I’ve saved the best part for the last.

The “Keyword to Ninja Link” feature – that means by using this plugin you can convert any keyword in your wordpres blog to affiliate link which will passively earn you commission forever.

The best time is now, so join now the “inner circle” of 5% select few smart bloggers who use “MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate” to maximize their affiliate earning.

You can just be an average wordpress blogger or a money making affiliate blogger.

The choice is yours.

Affiliate Link Management For Your WordPress Blog Posts

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