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Make Money Online with The Top Affiliate Network – MaxBounty

by bozorozz on October 31, 2009



There are a lot of affiliate networks that internet maketers can join and make money online.

However, MaxBounty is currently my top choice affiliate network.

I have been making money online since 2007 and MaxBounty is the first affiliate network that I joined and got approved since they are one of few affiliate networks that accept international publishers.

I promote a lot of MaxBounty offers at free paid surveys websites and blogs. Since these free paid surveys offers are free to join, they convert very well.

Besides having surveys and sweepstakes offers, MaxBounty have various other niches to match your website or blog niche. There are over 500 MaxBounty campaigns to promote across all traffic types like surveys, freebies, financial, insurance, dating, diet, etc.

Below are some of the surveys and market research offers and campaigns that you can promote by joining MaxBounty :-

NPD Online Surveys (US Only)
Greenfield Online – Canada (English)
Online Customer Survey
PineCone Research USA Hispanic
Opinion Outpost (French Canadian)
NPD Online Surveys Canada (English Male)
NPD Online Surveys Canada (French)
Nielsen Digital Voice Research Panel
Research Now – USA
Research Now – Canada
Opinion Outpost (US Incentive)
Cash Crate
Opinion Outpost (Hispanic)
Winning Choice Australia – Surveys
Toluna: Test and Vote (Australian Male Only)
WinningSurveys.com.au – Australia
MobileXpression.com – USA
MyView Survey Panel – Men Panel
Great Canadian Survey
Opinion Outpost USA

More than 10,000 affiliates are currently making money promoting MaxBounty’s CPA advertisng.

MaxBounty have been a regular and consistent paymaster.

I never had a any problems with their payments all these years. You can choose to be paid via check, PayPal or Electronic Funds Transfer.

MaxBounty publishers are paid on a Net 15 basis. For example, publishers generating revenue in January will receive their payments on February 15th via check, PayPal or Electronic Funds Transfer.

Signup today as a MaxBounty publisher today and you can be eligible for their $1000 performance bonus.

Details of the $1000 performance as stated at their website :-

” $1000 Performance Bonus Eligibility Rules

1.The performance bonus is available only to new publishers that are approved into the MaxBounty network after October 29, 2009. Duplicate accounts and publishers already approved into the MaxBounty network prior to October 29, 2009 are not eligible.

2.Ad networks, affiliate networks and CPA networks are not eligible for the performance bonus.

3.To receive the $1000 performance bonus, publishers must generate a minimum $1000 in campaign earnings in each of the first three complete calendar months after they are approved into the MaxBounty network. For example, new publishers approved on November 21, 2009 must generate $1000 or more in December 2009, $1000 or more in January 2010 and $1000 or more in February 2010. Any amount over $1000 in a given month isn’t transferable to other months, so for example a $3000 first month with $0 follow up months does not qualify for the bonus.

4.Only campaign earnings are considered for the $1000 benchmark. Affiliate referral commissions and other bonuses or incentives are excluded in the calculation of the $1000 monthly minimum.

5.Earnings are subject to standard merchant reversals and are only considered for the performance bonus on the 15th of the following calendar month. For example, earnings from January 2010 are only considered for the performance bonus on February 15, 2010.

6.Publishers that meet the eligibility requirements for the performance bonus will receive the $1000 bonus during the following calendar month. For example, qualifying publishers that generate $1000 in each of March, April and May of 2010 will receive the bonus in June 2010.

7.Publishers must adhere to the MaxBounty affiliate terms and conditions found here.

8.MaxBounty reserves the right to make all decisions with respect to a publisher’s eligibility for the performance bonus. “

What are you waiting for ? Signup as a publisher today and you can be eligible for their $1000 performance bonus.

MaxBounty offer hundreds of high converting offers, top paying advertising campaigns, all easily found in seconds in their new network interface.

Whether your marketing efforts are through blogs, websites, search, contextual or email, partnering with MaxBounty affiliate network is the best step you make in making money online.

MaxBounty Affiliate Network

MaxBounty Affiliate Network

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