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The Power of Article Marketing

by bozorozz on March 29, 2009

Have you ever wondered why article marketing is so important when it comes to marketing online?

How about the massive article directories drawing millions of unique visitors daily and funneling traffic to your landing pages?

Article marketing can be extremely powerful stuff when utilized correctly.

Once you have quality written articles, your efforts increase ten-fold.

Benefits of article marketing.

There are many benefits that are made available by article marketing services:

1. Gain credibility in the online market place.

Providing valuable information and advice through articles make readers believe that you have authority and experience. Overtime this will build your reputation in their eyes and will help you to develop your brand and image.

Consequently people place their trust in the products and services that you have to offer–generating more sales and leads.

2. Get MORE inbound links

As professional (or soon to be) ‘SEO masters’ submitting your articles to online directories with a good resource box is a great idea.

It is placed at the end of the article that provides information about your website or landing page and it helps educated readers on who you are.

Aside from this, other webmasters may choose valuable content you post to directories and publish it on their site while giving due credit to the writer/website for the content – thereby increasing your backlinks.

Also, in-content links are provided in the articles nowadays.

3. Achieve better SEO/Google page rank

As the backlinks to your website increase this tells the search engine spiders that your site is valuable (and gaining…).

Also, the exposure of your articles to more websites from article directories and social bookmarking sites like digg.com and facebook raise the amount of relevant targeted traffic which again enhances your position in the search engines.

Articles published on highly ranked Squidoo lenses by SEO experts are another way to reach your targeted audience and communicate to them through interesting text, image and video.

It’s important to keep these benefits in mind when you go to approach an article marketing campaign.

Approaching all of the major benefits and optimizing your articles for them is a great way to go about making a successful article marketing blitz.

Now get going!


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